These rural area co-educational Vidyalayas fulfil the role of pace-setting institutions as assigned by the founding fathers in the scheme, achieving high levels of excellence in the district.

The indicators of excellence are the quantity and the quality of the children, competitive spirit and capability, innovative learning practices, developing correct attitudes and values that help them to groom themselves to become useful, active and patriotic citizens of the country.  While achieving these goals, adequate care is taken to ensure that the children keep their linkages with the local community around them and contribute their help for furthering these values in the neighborhood and community. 
As a part of pace setting the young ones of neighboring schools are trained under the programme ”Computer literacy and studies in schools”(class.) each vidyalaya is expanding this programme for three consecutive years promulgating class covering 15 neighbouring schools.

Another milestone the samiti wants to achieve as pace setting is the attempt to revive the folk arts of the country.  Under this drive, each vidyalaya is encouraged to train pupils in a specified folk art of the area where it is located under the conductive coaching of the eminent performs in it.

Village Mohamaddpur-Saidpur, PO Farrukh Nagar District Gurugram- Haryana 122506

  Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Gurugram