Role of Parents In JNVs:

 Parents are the key to the success of JNVs or for that matter any educational organization. Let parents and schools work together to build meaningful and effective relationship that recognize and respect the role of parents, students and teachers in educating each child. When a child enters the Navodaya system at the tender age of 11 he is introduced to a new world entirely different from what he had experienced till then. The shared dormitories, mess, bathrooms and toilets, daily routines and the feeling of alienation of being sent away from home makes the parent child relation complicated. It is a tight rope walk for the parent and the situation needs to be handled with tact and sensitivity. It is the duty of the parent to

help the child to adapt and assimilate the system smoothly. Just as parental communication with the child is important, communication with teachers and administrators is also important. To maintain good relation with the school, treat every member of the school community with decorum and respect. Recognize efforts, hard work and perseverance when you see it. The main forum for parental involvement in a school is the Parent Teacher Council. Parents must actively support the PTC. Open houses and scheduled parent meetings allow parents and staff to communicate one to one and for parents to get to know all the staff. By developing a school- parent team approach the students find it harder to turn parents against the school or follow a divide and rule manipulation. A good parent school relation helps the authority to solve disciplinary issues easily. The following activities may be taken by PTC:

 1. Arrange for local trips for the newly admitted Class VI / IX / XI children

2. Migration children are to be so as to imbibe local culture & heritage

3. Liason with neighbourhood industries / factories / hospitals for field visits.

4. Learned parents may give academic inputs in subjects like Maths & Science

5. Arrange for Career Guidance

6. Conduct Mock Exams for Professional Courses,

7. Install RO plants for pure drinking water, Solar Water heaters/ Gujatat Boilers for Hot water facility in bathrooms

8. Renovate old / Semi permanent buildings at JNV site for improving infrastructure facilities, Career Corner, Storage houses etc.,

9. Arrange and assist in organizing / conducting Medical Camps/ Medical Check-up for all inmates at JNV premises.

The List of PTC Members

The meeting for constitution of said committee was conducted in the vidyalaya mess on dated 9th July 2016 on second Saturday in the chairmanship of Sh. DD Sharma, Principal. Principal told the role of parents for betterment of vidyalaya. The list of members is as follows:  Click here


  Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Gurugram

Village Mohamaddpur-Saidpur, PO Farrukh Nagar District Gurugram- Haryana 122506